TLR 5.0 "Joker" Street Car (Pre-order Only) *NoBar*

TLR 5.0 "Joker" Street Car (Pre-order Only) *NoBar*

Out of stock

**(Pre-order is 5-6 week delivery.)**

The Joker fits TLR 22 5.0 platforms. 

It requires a donor TLR 22 5.0  to complete this kit. 

Gives the option to move battery more forward with the servo location option in between the bulkheads.

*Fits Big MaxAmps 5800 Graphine Battery (must remove battery retainers and run battery tape)*

Chassis kit includes

-4mm Bottom Plate

-3mm Front Bumper

-3mm Bumper Connecting Plate

-New Designed Aluminum Bulkheads

-3mm Front Shock Tower

-2mm Side Guards

-2mm Esc Shelf

-2mm Battery Retainers

-3mm Rear Body Post Plate

-Upper Wheelie Bar Mounting Plate

-Hardware & Stand Offs

-Some Shimming will be needed-

Does NOT come with...

-2.5mm 12 inch Shock Style Ladder Bar

-2) Traxxas GTR shocks

-2) Aluminum Wheels w/ O-rings