TLR 5.0 Alpha *Pre-Order*

TLR 5.0 Alpha *Pre-Order*

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The Alpha is known to be our latest to date conversion kit. This kit specializes on lowering the center of gravity while keeping your geometry in the correct location. 

These kits are made to order. 

Lead time can take up to 5-6 weeks depending on work load at the time. 

This kit will fit TLR 5.0 buggies. 

*Must have Buggy Donor to complete kit*

Kit includes

3mm bottom plate
2.5mm side rails
2.5 bumper connector
3mm front bumper
4mm front shock tower 
4mm rear shock tower
4mm drop down motor plate
4mm transmission shelf
3mm adjustable wheelie bar
3mm upper turn buckle plate
2.5mm rear body plate
5 degree bulkhead
3d printed wheel holder
Aluminum wheel w/ O-ring
Stand offs and Hardware