Royalty 2s Drag Racing Battery

Royalty 2s Drag Racing Battery


-Drag Specific Racing Battery 

-Specifically made to go fast in NPRC

-Shorter cell design to keep center of gravity low. 

-Keeps voltage up during pass.

•Low internal resistance 

•220c Burst 

•Build: 2s8p 

•Battery size : 12,000mah 

•Balance Connector : XH

•Watt Hour @ 7.4v : 88WH 

•Wire: 8 wag wire w/ Qs8 connector

•Weight: 660g +/- 10g

Royalty Rc Mfg warranty doesn’t cover the extreme abuse from drag racing. 

Each pack is tested on a ESR meter to make sure each battery is up to spec before shipping.