B6.1-6.3 “Ace of Spades” 3mm Flex Kit (N0 Bar) *Pre-Order*

B6.1-6.3 “Ace of Spades” 3mm Flex Kit (N0 Bar) *Pre-Order*

SKU: b6.1-6.3-“ace of spades” 3mm flex kit (n0 bar) *pre-order*
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All Orders are made to order. 

Lead time for orders are 5-6 weeks. 

Must have AE B6.1-6.3 buggy donor kit.

Buggy kit not included. 


3mm Flex Bottom Plate

Aluminum Bulkheads 

3mm Front Shock Tower 

2.5mm Side Guards 

3mm Rear Body Plate 

3mm Trans Spacer 

3mm Water Fall Spacer

2.5mm Bumper Connector 

3mm Bumper 

2.5mm Esc shelf 

Hardware (Screws and Stand offs •19mm, 28mm•) 

Wheelie Bar NOT included. 

*For the GO Fast Customers, 3mm is not as strong as our 4mm kits, it will not take the abuse as our original kits)